Solar technology helps replace imported fuel with local jobs.

  • Money invested in solar systems remains in local communities and generates savings for 30 plus years.

  • More jobs are created from solar electricity than conventional sources of electricity by a seven to one margin.

  • Input/output analysis demonstrates that every one dollar spent within the community produces $1.67 of local economic activity.

  • The solar industry estimates growth rates above 25% annually resulting in a $27 billion market by 2020.

  • The global solar industry has grown over 1500% in the past nine years. The Dow Jones industry average gain is estimated that over the save period was 12%.

  • If 10% of Arizona went solar, it would create 32,000 jobs.

  • Past federal and state tax credits stimulated the installation over 100,000 solar water heating devises in Arizona. Current day savings estimates for a typical residential installation range between $18 and $45 per month, or additional disposable capital totals $2.8 to $4.5 million gained by Arizona citizens per month, just in water heating. The numbers escalate significantly when building using solar and renewable energies are included.

  • Arizona benefits from solar directly since most of the money spent goes toward the building materials and equipment produced and installed by Arizona companies thereby staying in the state.