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Residential & Commercial Construction

Construction Advisor

Receive expert unbiased advice from an experienced licensed professional builder, and a local general contractor for 27 years in all phases of residential and commercial construction, custom homes, new construction, additions, interior remodel and upgrades, kitchens, and baths, familiar with all trades and building processes start to finish.

Proceed with confidence and remove the mysteries and potential mistakes by being a well-informed customer and guided by an experienced professional in all phases as your project proceeds.

You are guaranteed a professional unbiased opinion and advice based solely on your needs as an advisor will not perform the work that is being consulted on.

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Some areas or categories available for Chip’s advice-

  • buying a home
    • advice on overall considerations, conditions, and general overview before purchasing a home
    • have a home inspection report? Find out how much all of those repairs will cost
    • how much will additions or remodels cost
    • what is structurally possible
    • feasibility study of all future alterations
  • selling a home
    • what repairs and upgrades are worth doing
    • how much those repairs and upgrades would cost
    • timeline on all proposed work
    • best upgrades that will pay dividends and those that do not
  • remodeling, additions or upgrading your existing residence
    • feasibility study of remodeling, additions, or repairs
    • permit, zoning, and city/county building department regulations
    • understanding and interpreting blueprints
    • how to choose an architect, draftsman, or contractor
    • how to compare various proposals for the same work
    • “red flags” related to workers, contractors, or vendors
    • ways to save money being your own general contractor
    • contractor or proposal interpretation
    • how to choose the right company or contractor for each job
  • support and advocacy
    • receive reliable advice and answers to your questions or concerns as your project proceeds
    • find out if your job is proceeding properly and according to construction norms
    • independent inspector for ongoing projects
    • quality control inspector for all phases of your project
    • advice on conflict resolution between homeowners and contractors or vendors
    • contract and proposal interpretation
    • assistance in claims to the registrar of contractors
    • assistance with building department inspectors and requirements
    • final inspection- when is the job actually done
  • legal expert witness
    • experience in testifying in court proceedings related to building issues, plans interpretation, and quality of contracted work
    • advocacy for the client in all phases of conflict resolution

I have worked with hundreds of homeowners, as buyers, sellers  developers, and builders as well as years of experience working with subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, architects, building inspectors, developmental services, draftsmen, surveyors, and lawyers.

Construction projects of any kind can be a complex and confusing process if you do not have a clear direction, professional advice, and an advocate on your side. Small mistakes can be costly. Expert advice is not and can save your budget. In any business venture, it is essential to have the insights, overview, and experienced guides necessary to plan and orchestrate properly. There is also, in any business transaction, the possibility of a clever but unscrupulous actor.

I very much enjoy sharing the information that I have accumulated over the years with my clients. I know my service is needed and welcome, as most clients I work with, who are inexperienced, have numerous ongoing questions and concerns. It is my job to help maintain the clarity and calm and truth of what is occurring throughout all phases of your project.

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E-mail: Charles Pique


Arizona State Contractor's License ROC# 264419
Arizona State Unified Business Identifier 10169191W
I.R.S. Employer Identification Federal Tax I.D. 860.82.4271
General Contractor Surety Bond Bond $5,000.00 Bond #AE2402

Remember to always check registration before hiring any contractor or you, the owner, could be liable for any materials supplied, labor, and/or injuries that occur during work performed on your property.

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