Old Master Construction School

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School of Construction

You will learn:

  • Building maintenance, repair and remodeling skills and techniques.
  • To recognize new materials and proper material application.
  • To troubleshoot like the pro's and fix the problem yourself.

Every graduate has these skills

    Introduction to Trades
    1. OSHA Certified
    2. Powder Activated Tool Safety Certified
    3. Basic Math Skills, applied to work related tasks --blueprint reading and take offs, material and volume calculation, tape measure and level reading
    4. Soft Skills, personal conduct and ethics, accountability, communication skills, work ethics, solutions based attitude, stress management.
    5. UBC Code Applications - general

    Wall and ceiling Framing
    1. Basic nailing (hand and nail gun) and saw cutting (hand and power saws)
    2. Layout and following plans
    3. Framing skills - headers, corners, platres, hardware
    4. Cut a straight line and rip studs and plywood
    5. Cut a bird's mouth for rafters
    6. Crown a beam
    7. Identify various woods and wood products
    8. Proper installation and attachments of wood products
    9. UBC Code Applications

    Residential Electric
    1. Electrical Safety, OHMS Law, Theory and Math
    2. Proper connection of wires, duplex receptacles, switches
    3. Installation of various light fixtures, fans, appliances and can lights
    4. Run a three way and four way circuit
    5. Grounding principles
    6. Install remodel or new construction boxes
    7. Wire a parallel and series circuit
    8. Run wires, bend conduit, fish wires in walls
    9. House wiring techniques for new construction and remodeling
    10. UBC Code Applications

    Residential Plumbing
    1. Sink, faucet and drain assembly installation and repair
    2. Toilet installation and supply line hookup and repair
    3. Thread steel pipe
    4. Weld or sweat copper pipe
    5. Install vent stacks -- glue, assemble and seal roof penetrations
    6. Supply line techniques
    7. Install hot water heaters
    8. Install garbage disposals
    9. Install shower mixers
    10. Install bath tub and drain assembly
    11. UBC Code Applications

    1. Hanging and proper attachment of drywall
    2. Tape and float drywall seams
    3. Apply various textures -- hawk and trowel, orange peel, knock down
    4. Patch holes in walls

    Windows and Doors
    1. Create water proof window installations -- new and remodel
    2. Install a prehung door
    3. Bore and mortise lock set
    4. Install waterproof thresholds and door sweeps
    5. Hand mortise hinges
    6. Power mortise hinges with router and jig
    7. Build a new door jamb and hang a door in it
    8. Plane a door to fit
    9. "Field hang" a door in an out of a square jamb
    10. Trim a case a door

    Interior and Exterior Finishing
    1. Basic cabinet installation
    2. Trim installation - baseboard, crown moulding, interior and exterior trims
    3. Introduction to roofing -- new and patching
    4. Bathroom and kitchen finishes
    5. Wood finishes
    6. General repair -- materials and techniques

You will receive hands on instruction in two large air conditioned, fully equipped labs where students will practice building trade techniques with actual supervision of experienced tradesman.

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