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Construction Industry Facts

  • 6.7 Million people are employed in construction industry nationwide.
  • 480 million spent each year on construction industry projects.
  • 26,000 positions available in Arizona alone.
    Winter 2005 - Arizona Department of Commerce
  • Construction is the largest and fastest growing sectors in the Arizona economy and has a shortage of workers.
  • Approximately 26,000 more carpenters, laborers,, and electricians are needed.
  • Construction trades workers will be among the higher paid occupations.
    Spring 2004 - Arizona Daily Start, by Becky Pallack
  • Most needed are plasterers, carpenters, electricians, cabinetmakers, plumbers, painters, roofers and masons.
  • Construction can also be a fast track to owning a company.
    Winter 2005 - Alliance of Construction Trades, by Yvette Armendariz
  • Demand led to the creation of 15,500 more jobs last year.
  • Continued growth will exacerbate a shortage of skilled workers.
  • Arizona construction jobs paid an average annual wage of $33,718 in 2003.
  • The top 10 construction categories are projected to have 76,841 openings in Arizona.
  • The positions expected to have the most openings:
    Carpenters: 14,934 @ $15.79
    Electricians: 6,052 @ $17.99
    Plumbers: 4,841 @ $18.03

US Job Market Demand and Wages

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